Nathalie Ellis-Einhorn



The Theater for the New City production of I.M. LOST!  (August 27-September 3, 2017) was directed by Benita de Wit as part of the Dream Up Festival. It featured performances by Nathalie Ellis-Einhorn and Justin Danforth, sound design by Laura Galindo, set design by Wesley Cornwell and lighting design by Chris Thielking. 

Nathalie Ellis-Einhorn’s I.M. LOST! (directed by Benita de Wit)... is less of a clown show and more of a Bildungsroman narrative about schadenfreude, an exploration of the painful process of finding one’s voice in an industry that focuses on trying to make other people happy, sometimes at the expense of oneself.... [Ellis-Einhorn] has found her voice and transforms her and other clowns’ experiences with courage and honesty.
— Marlynn Wei, The Huffington Post

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