Nathalie Ellis-Einhorn




SCUM is an ensemble piece I created about radical feminist/SCUM Manifesto author Valerie Solanas and 1992's Miss America Carolyn Sapp, told through the frame of a burlesque/vaudevillian revue. I have performed versions of it at The Duplex, Dixon Place, xixi, and ShapeShifter Lab. 


SCUM - xixi and ShapeShifter Lab

We performed a new version of SCUM at xixi and ShapeShifter Lab in November 2018. I produced, acted in, and co-directed this production. The production was co-directed by Daniella Caggiano, composed by Sam Kaseta, and choreographed by Glenna Yu and Rachel Schwartz.

scum (with text).jpg

SCUM - Dixon place

We performed SCUM at Dixon Place on December 9th, 2017. I directed, produced, and acted in the production, which also featured music by Sam Kaseta and choreography by Glenna Yu. 


SCUM - the duplex

Ryan Gedrich and I performed a section of SCUM at The Duplex as part of the Princeton Arts Alumni Cabaret in May 2017.